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Membership Plans


An individual pursuing a course in food Science and Technology at University or college level that is recognized by the executive committee of the Institute.


An individual with an appropriate degree in food Science, food Technology, Biotechnology or a related discipline with at least 3 years experience in teaching food   Science   and   Technology courses at University   or College   level.


An individual with an appropriate university degree or an academic professional qualification approved   by   the   executive   committee

Honorary fellow

An individual who has attained a position of eminence in the field of food Science and Technology, food Processing and innovation or research or who have rendered invaluable service to the Institute


An individual who possesses the necessary qualification for professional membership who has been a professional member of KIFST for at least 5 years and who has had more than ten years appropriate experience in the field of food Science and Technology, food Processing, teaching food Science courses at a university level or other tertiary institution of higher learning or has done substantial research in the area of food Science and Technology.


Corporate membership is divided into three i.e. gold,  silver and  bronze membership. Corporate members will have the privilege of advertising on the KIFST website, www.kifst.org